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The Sport Specific Training program is an all-inclusive, performance enhancement training program.  We focus on all aspects of the athlete.  Some of the major areas of focus of our program are below.

You can't get where you want to go unless you know where you are.  This is of utmost importance when talking about performance enhancement.  We want to know where each athlete is in their individual development.  This information will help us determine what each athletes strength and weaknesses are and what they need to focus on.  Evaluation is preformed at the start of a training package and about every 6-8 weeks after.
Dynamic Flexibility is the use of sport-specific body movements to increase range of motion in the joints and muscles.  Dynamic flexibility is designed to start easy and build toward game like movements.  It lasts 8-10 minutes and the athletes should be sweating and feel ready to play afterwards.


Speed is the measure of how fast an athlete can sprint a distance.  A common misconception among coaches, players and parents is that speed can't be taught - that is genticallly pre-determined.  The good news is nothing could be farther from the truth.  All athletes can improve their speed with improved mechanics and increased leg and core strength.  Running speed comes down to 2 simple factors:  stride length and stride frequency.  SST will work to imrove all aspects of your running.



We stated that speed is the measure of how fast and athlete can sprint a distance.  While this is true, this is not necessariliy the only indicator of how successful an athlete will be on the field.  Agility and quickness are also important factors.  Agility and quickness refers to an athletes ability to change direction without losing speed or control using precise, explosive movements.  SST's prime focus is to develop quick, powerful, explosive athletes.
                CORE STRENGTH

Core strength is essential for any athlete.  It is where all of your power, strength and stability originate.  Increasing your core strength will help improve all aspects of athleticism, from strength, to power to speed to strength. 



Plyometrics are exercises that help athletes produce more power.  Power is the combination of speed and strength.  Power is important for every athlete regardless of sport.  An increase in power will help with sprinting speed, change of direction and different sport skills.

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