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About Us

No matter what your need, let Sport Specific Training help you maximze your athletic potential.  Whether you are an adult in search of personal training services, a young athlete looking to improve your game or a team looking to train together and build toward the next season let SST help you achieve your goals!


Become the best athlete you can be.  Train indiviually with one of our strength and conditioning specialists.  This intense training will push you to become an elite athlete with drills designed to make your weaknesses strengths and your strengths dominant.

            TEAM TRAINING
Become one!  A team that sweats together is a team that stays together.  Push your teammates to be the best they can be and see how good your team can become.
Training will include all aspects of SST program and will be competitive and inspired.




Sport Specific Training offers personal training for adults.  SST offers in-home personal training.  We come to you, with all of the necessary equipment, saving you valuable time while providing you with a challening workout.

Whether you are a "weekend warrior" looking to improve perhaps your golf or tennis game or a runner looking to decrease your times and run more efficiently SST can help.

SST also offers personal training for seniors who are looking to improve balance, posture and coordination.



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